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Microbiota Characterization Now Offered
 July 07, 2014
The RRRC now offers a full line of NGS-related services including fecal DNA extraction, 16S rDNA gene sequencing, and informatics analysis to researchers using rat models.  For more information, please see here or contact
Need a New Rat Model?
 March 21, 2017
Need a new rat model?  The RRRC in conjunction with the MU Animal Modeling Core (AMC) can assist with the generation of transgenic rats, create knock-out and knock-in rats using CRISPR/Cas9 technology and genetically manipulate rat embryonic stem cells to make chimeric animals.  Contact us to discuss your rat model needs and how we can help.
ES Cells
The RRRC has imported several rat embryonic stem cell lines developed by Qi-Long Ying (USC) that are available for distribution to interested investigators.  These ES cell lines represent an important reagent for developing genetically engineered rat models. 

The Resource Center has been working with these ES cell lines to further refine methods and protocols for establishing cultures and maintaining them.  In addition, we are generating rat knock-out models and isolating new ES cell lines from different inbred and outbred strains to provide additional tools for model development. 

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