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RRRC Rat Strains
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Strain Name Gene Availability Donor
683  SS-Chr 2BN/1McwiAek   Cryopreserved  Anne Kwitek 
681  DA.F344-(D7Rat15-D7Mit2)   Cryopreserved  Percio S. Gulko 
680  DA.F344-(D7Rat22-D7Rat15)/Nsi   Cryopreserved  Percio S. Gulko 
679  DA.F344-(D7Rat22-D7Mit2)/Nsi   Cryopreserved  Percio S. Gulko 
678  DA.F344-(D10Arb27-D10Rat92)/Nsi   Cryopreserved  Percio S. Gulko 
677  DA.F344-(D10Rat195-D10Arb27)/Nsi   Cryopreserved  Percio S. Gulko 
676  DA.F344-(D10Rat195-D10Rat92)/Nsi   Cryopreserved  Percio S. Gulko 
675  DA.F344-(D10Got152-D10Mcw1)   Cryopreserved  Percio S. Gulko 
674  DA.F344-(D10Got155-D10Nsi55)   Cryopreserved  Percio S. Gulko 
673  DA.ACI-(D12Mit2-Gtf2i)/Nsi
  Cryopreserved  Percio S. Gulko 
672  DA.ACI-(Gtf2ird1-D12Rat8)/Nsi
  Cryopreserved  Percio S. Gulko 
671  DA.ACI-(D12Mit2-D12Got49)/Nsi   Cryopreserved  Percio S. Gulko 
670  DA.ACI-(D2Uwm24-D2Rat54)/Nsi
  Cryopreserved  Percio S. Gulko 
669  DA.ACI-(D2Wox20-D2Mit14)/Nsi
  Cryopreserved  Percio S. Gulko 
668  DA.ACI-(D2Mit12-D2Got121)/Nsi
  Cryopreserved  Percio S. Gulko 
667  DA.ACI-(D2Mit12-D2Mgh29)Nsi   Cryopreserved  Percio S. Gulko 
665  Koletsky Corpulent   Cryopreserved  Julie Williams 
664  WKHT/edh unknown Cryopreserved  Edith D. Hendley 
663  WKHA/edh unknown Cryopreserved  Edith D. Hendley 
662  (LE x RCS-p+/LavRrrc)F1 Mertk Cryopreserved  Rat Resource and Research Center (RRRC) 
661  F344-Tp53tm1(EGFP-Pac)Qly/Rrrc Tp53 Cryopreserved  Elizabeth Bryda 
660  SS.SR-(D3Mco36-D3Mco46)/Jr   Cryopreserved  George T. Cicila 
659  LE-Tg(TH-Cre)3.1Deis Cre recombinase (mouse Th promoter) Live  Karl Deisseroth 
658  LE-Tg(ChAT-Cre)5.1Deis Cre recombinase (mouse Chat promoter) Live  Karl Deisseroth  
657  SD-Tg(TRE-LacZ)Xgx LacZ Cryopreserved  Xugang Xia 
656  SD-Tg(TRE-FUS-R521C)Xgx Mutant form of FUS (R521C) Cryopreserved  Xugang Xia 
655  SD-Tg(Camk2a-tTA)Xgx tTA (tetracycline transactivator protein) under control of Camk2a promoter Cryopreserved  Xugang Xia 
651  SS.SR-(DXrat11-rs64754598)/Opaz   Cryopreserved  Nelson Ruiz-Opazo 
650  SD-Tg (TETRA-EGFP)/Besey   Cryopreserved  Yuksel Agca 
645  SD-Tg(S334ter)4Lav Mutant mouse rhodopsin Cryopreserved  Matthew LaVail 
643  SD-Tg(S334ter)3Lav Mutant mouse rhodopsin Cryopreserved  Matthew LaVail 
641  SD-Tg(P23H)3Lav Mutant mouse rhodopsin Cryopreserved  Matthew LaVail 
640  SD-Tg(P23H)2Lav Mutant mouse rhodopsin Cryopreserved  Matthew LaVail 
639  SD-Tg(P23H)1Lav Mutant mouse rhodopsin Cryopreserved  Matthew LaVail 
637  SS-Tg(ApoC3-CETP)25Opaz Human cholesteryl ester transfer protein (CETP) Cryopreserved  Victoria Herrera 
636  F344-Tg(APP)21Besey Human beta amyloid precursor protein (APP) Cryopreserved  Yuksel Agca 
635  SD-Tg(SNCA)4Ins human alpha-synuclein Cryopreserved  Laurent Lescaudron and Philippe Naveilhan 
634  SD-Tg(SNCA)3Ins human alpha synuclein Cryopreserved  Laurent Lescaudron and Philippe Naveilhan 
633  SD-Tg(TRE-TDP43-M337V) human TDP Cryopreserved  Xugang Xia 
632  SD-Tg(Chat-tTA) tTA (tetracycline transactivator protein) under choline acetyltransferase promoter Cryopreserved  Xugang Xia 
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