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Microbiota Characterization Now Offered
 July 07, 2014
The RRRC now offers a full line of NGS-related services including fecal DNA extraction, 16S rDNA gene sequencing, and informatics analysis to researchers using rat models.  For more information, please see here or contact
Need a New Rat Model?
 March 21, 2017
Need a new rat model?  The RRRC in conjunction with the MU Animal Modeling Core (AMC) can assist with the generation of transgenic rats, create knock-out and knock-in rats using CRISPR/Cas9 technology and genetically manipulate rat embryonic stem cells to make chimeric animals.  Contact us to discuss your rat model needs and how we can help.
Terms and Conditions
1.    If this strain is accepted, I agree, in a timely fashion, to:

a.  provide a detailed genotyping protocol and complete the breeding and husbandry form

b.  complete and submit the standard RRRC Donor Material Transfer Agreement (see
Donor MTA
) for my strain, which details the formal agreement between me, my institution and the RRRC for preservation and redistribution of my strain

c.  provide a recent health status report in advance of shipping this rat strain to the assigned facility

d.  provide this strain, within six months, in a single shipment of live rats or cryopreserved materials in the form and quantities that I have agreed to provide to the RRRC facility

e.  take responsibility for the cost of preparation and shipment of my rat strain to the RRRC facility.
2.     If I transfer my strain via cryopreserved embryos or germplasm, I accept the risk that it may not be possible to resuscitate my strain.

3.     I accept that the RRRC will maintain my strain as appropriate for the overall benefit of the entire strain repository resource, and that my strain may be maintained as a cryopreserved-only archive if demand is inadequate to justify maintenance of a breeding colony.

4.     I accept that there is a remote risk that it may not be possible to recover my strain from the cryo-repository. I understand that the RRRC will make a reasonable effort at resuscitation and I will not hold the RRRC responsible for the loss of my strain.

5.     I agree, when appropriate, to refer requests for my strain or material to the RRRC and to cite the RRRC as the supplying source in future publications referring to this strain.